Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Halfway Point

Here is my weekly update for the 40 Day Challenge at Yoga Yoga. I am 20 days into the challenge and my daily yoga practice is becoming more of a routine. I am using this challenge to re-establish my daily yoga practice and plan to continue even after the 40 days are over.

Weekly Entry:

My favorite part of the 40 Day Challenge, and really the best part of my day, is just after I finish my daily yoga practice and step back into the current of everyday living. For the first hour I feel like I am floating, and my work, chores, and errands seem effortless. I am reborn, everything seems new and fresh. As the day progresses, the newness starts to wear off but there remains an undertone of clarity and calm. My least favorite part of this challenge is simply trying to find the time everyday to quietly practice for 30 minutes. On some days, it can almost be stressful trying to fit it in. Sometimes the day will just fly by and I will remember just before sleep that I need to practice. On these nights, restorative yoga carries me into sleep.